Donald’s last son entered the 9th class, the equivalent of the second in France. In September, the class delegate is elected, who is called in this country by chance the « class president ».

Of course, Barron wants to bring credit to his future ex-president as a father and stood for election. As you know, the ballot count takes longer in the United States because many students vote by mail. In addition, the ballots are recounted by hand as soon as the slightest error is detected.

The results were released this morning, and little Barron won only 48% of the vote, his only opponent winning the election with 52%. But Barron disputes this victory and denounces a massive fraud. According to him, the postman is the father of his opponent’s girlfriend, and he changed a few postal votes before delivering the mail to the high school porter. He claims he won the ballot and intends to be present at the next class council and fulfill his role as delegate.

The case is far from over, and it will take another 6 months, time to recount the 28 ballots, to find out who is really the winner!